The ETSi4334
The ETSi4334 is an EMC Board Analysis system capable of mapping and analysing emissions from printed circuit board assemblies and cables. The ETSi4334 is probably the first board level system to be developed by EMC engineers out of the need to have an efficient tool for tracing faults in non-compliant equipment.  Emissions can be traced to component or even track level. Board susceptibility can be as assessed by analysing injected RF currents.

Analysing EMC problems with the ETSi4334 is a two stage process; Identifying the problem frequencies and then locating the source of emissions at those frequencies.

The problem frequencies may already be known from the results of OATS testing. If not then the Frequency Scan feature of the ETSi4334 provides a number of options to help pin down the frequencies with the greatest levels of emissions. In addition to the main probe, the frequency source can be the board loop probe, one of several cable clamp probes or a hand probe.

Once the frequency of interest has been established an XY-Plot of the board can be carried out.

Using a very sensitive and accurate probe developed exclusively by ETS Instruments, the ETSi4334 provides a pictorial colour coded map of the RF currents circulating on the PCB and accurately pin points the problem area.

Sample Plot 1
Sample plot 2 with Gerber file overlayed Gerber plots can be overlaid on the colour map to identify components.

The system is supplied complete with dedicated windows software package and can accommodate most popular receivers and spectrum analysers.

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Detailed Specification

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